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Pioneers of Chinese Dance Digital Archive

The Pioneers of Chinese Dance Digital Archive is a digital photograph collection designed to make the history of twentieth-century Chinese dance accessible to international researchers. The project was started at the University of Michigan Asia Library in 2014. It is part of a larger initiative to make the University of Michigan the premier institution for research on Chinese dance in North America.

CHOR continues international expansion with Australian partnership

CHOR, a developer of public access research management solutions has announced its second international pilot program to assist government funding agencies in the identification and tracking of public accessibility to published research in peer-reviewed journals. Starting in March 2017, in partnership with the Australian Research Council (ARC) and La Trobe University, CHOR will begin monitoring global publication of research funded by the Australian Government through the ARC.


IFLA's How to Spot Fake News poster, in many languages

The poster that the International Federation Of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) produced on, How to spot fake news, is available in many languages, including Japanese. In each case there is a jpg and a pdf, and IFLA are happy for people to use and share them. 


Springer Nature cooperates with three Chinese universities in support of China's "double world- class" program

Springer Nature will hold Nature Conferences with the three universities to facilitate their communication and academic exchange with the international research community and increase the influence of their dominant disciplines globally. Springer Nature will cooperate with these universities in co-publishing journals and books to foster the dissemination of scientific research.  The organization will also provide Nature Masterclasses and other training courses to enable the universities’ teachers and researchers to better develop the skills needed to write research papers that can transform their scientific research into academic papers that can be published in high-impact journals.

Using GRID to discover and analyse global research trends

Discovery and Analysis of Global Research Trends Using GRID published by Digital Science highlights the need for a reference database of research organisations through analysis of author affiliation strings on articles published between 2006-2016. The report demonstrates the utility of the Global Research Identifier Database (GRID), both as a platform for data consolidation, and as an essential analytical component supplying various opportunities for geographic and sector-based analyses.


Searchable Tibetan texts a reality

The Tibetan Buddhist Resource Center has announced the release of its Tibetan eText Repository, a collaborative effort between TBRC and many publishers, authors and institutions to archive and make available a large corpus of searchable Tibetan texts. The eText format, made possible through the use of Namsel OCR (a Tibetan optical character recognition technology developed at UC Berkeley), means in-text searchable data of Tibetan literature is now a reality. 


Audubon's mallard ducks digitized by the iGroup Press




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