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ProQuest launches displaced researchers program

ProQuest has launched a program to provide no-cost access to its databases for students and researchers who have been separated from their universities and libraries because of travel bans or other immigration changes. The company has an email hotline where displaced researchers can arrange for access to the materials they need to continue their work.

Sugoi! Start of Leiden Asia Year

The brand new Asian Library includes more than 30 kilometres of rare books, prints, letters, photos and newspapers. It has one of the largest collections on Asia in the western world, and the biggest collection on Indonesia. The new library will be open for use on 30 March and the official opening is on 14 September.


Ambitious library to carry Bangkok's literary ambitions

Inspired by the late King  Bhumipol Adulyadej,  a grand Bangkok project aims to inspire a new generation of bookworms. Work is being carried out quickly on the Bangkok City Library with the hope that the library can open in March 2017. 

Collections of Hong Kong Public Libraries

The Hon Alvin Yeung asks why the Hong Kong Public Libraries has a large collection of books from mainland publishers printed in simplified Chinese characters. The Secretary for Home Affairs, Mr Lau Kong-wah, provided a written reply in the Legislative Council. Both question and answer contain some interesting facts and figures about public library collections in Hong Kong.

New UK-wide service will transform library collaboration

As part of delivering on the vision of a UK national digital library, Jisc and OCLC announce a partnership to build a new shared service that will aggregate academic bibliographic data at scale, improving library collection management and resource discovery for students and researchers.


EIFL supports libraries and copyright in Myanmar

With more than 5,000 libraries in Myanmar, including a network of public libraries throughout the country’s villages and a newly-formed academic library consortium, libraries are poised to become a catalyst for development. The new copyright law must support libraries to deliver on national priorities such as the provision of online distance education, and increased availability of reading material in minority languages, especially in rural and remote areas.                                                                                             


Western Sydney University and ProQuest offer etextbooks to students

A ground-breaking collaboration between the University and ProQuest provides digital textbooks for commencing university students through the University’s library, reducing the cost of education to students and increasing access to required learning materials.


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